Inglot Duraline

Inglot are fantastic for all things eyes and they keep impressing me with their lasting power and variety of colours. The golden boy of the range is Duraline; a cute little eyedropper of fluid that transforms any eyeshadow into an eyeliner. This amazing potion also sticks glitter onto the eyes, lips and anywhere else you might need it. A must for every girl’s makeup bag!
Featured in my monthly makeup advice column for Xpose Magazine.

MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara

I learned so much from the early mistakes in my career and nothing upset me more than one of my first photo shoots. After months of waiting for the final result, I excitedly opened the magazine to see my beautiful work ruined by dusty, straight, ugly eyelashes! Sorry, I’m getting a bit dramatic, but it’s a pet peeve of mine. So the lash lessons I have learned are;
A, Always curl
B, Comb through
C, Keep it fresh
D, Be meticulous with mascara coverage.
My current favorite mascara is MAC Haute and Naughty which creates thick, long and dramatic lashes while keeping them luscious and soft. I’ve bought it for every friend’s birthday present in the past few months and always have one in my own makeup bag as well. It’s also available in an extra black version but be warned, I’ve reserved that one for situations that require black mascara tears running down the model’s face. It’s a classic look!
Featured in my monthly makeup advice column for Xpose Magazine. 

Trilogy Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream

Featured in my monthly makeup advice column for Xpose Magazine. 
New Zealand always conjures up images of huge rugby players, miraculous landscapes and masses of sheep but now I can add a new thing to the list; great skin! The Trilogy skincare range was created by two Kiwi sister’s who figured out how to extract rosehip oil from the fruit of their rose plants. Rosehip oil is packed full of antioxidants to repair structure of the skin but the Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream goes even further with fruit enzymes that remove dead and dry skin without risking broken vein damage, like those nasty grainy exfoliators that have ruined my face over the years. What’s more, it’s super handy to exfoliate a model or client on the go because it’s so much easier to rinse off than beady exfoliators, making it a kit essential.
Trilogy Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream is available from my buddies over at

How to… Use Cream Eyeshadow

… as featured in my monthly makeup column for Xpose Magazine.

LWCS Nude Colours

Cream eye shadows are super versatile and a great way to create new makeup effects. Here are some of the situations when I choose a cream texture instead of powder.


Choose a matte creamy colour similar to your skin tone and layer eyeshadow on top to make it long lasting and beautifully blended. My favorites are Bobbi Brown Shore and Bone.


Choose a strong coloured cream eyeshadow like bronze, red or black and blend into the eyelid and socket usingSigma E40. Then press rich shimmery pigments on top for a dramatic effect. Shu Uemura Matte Black Cream Eyeshadow.


Creamy textures blend effortlessly into more mature skin. Go for a shade slightly deeper than your skin tone and choose a very soft shimmer to give your eyelids life without exaggerating fine lines and wrinkles. MAC Groundwork is my go to eyeshadow for mature skin and just the right amount of shimmer.


RMS have a range of beautiful rich earthy cream eyeshadows made from organic ingredients that give a glossy sheen to eyelids. Available from Irish website

Inglot Eyeshadows

… as featured in my monthly makeup column for Xpose Magazine.

Inglot 10 Square Freedom Palette €55

I love storing my eyeshadows in palettes. The rainbows of colour inspire me and spark off ideas while I’m on set. The only problem is my clumsiness, entire colour families have smashed at my feet on many occasions. Recently, I decided to replace some of my favourite smashed colours with a new brand. I’d heard great things about Inglot eyeshadows and their freedom system that features stackable palettes that click together with magnets. The pigments are rich with soft matte colours and sophisticated metallics and the palettes are sturdy and really easy to store in my kit. Last month I used #352 (soft matte biscuit), #423 (a smokey mauve) and #391 (rich shimmer black) on a celebrity cover shoot to create a stunning smokey eye so now I’m planning on a complete Inglot eyeshadow overhaul! You can pick up a 3 colour palette for €24.

Trend Tested – Matte Red Lip

… as featured in my monthly makeup column for Xpose Magazine.


One focus makeup is the ultimate trick to creating an impact without drag queening it up. I’m a big fan of the matte red lip that has been seen on every catwalk from Burberry to Prada. I sported the look last week and felt like a French film star all day. The key to perfect red lips is using a pencil to get the perfect shape, working from the center of the lip out to the sides. Start by creating a V shape on your Cupid’s bow and turn it into an M shape. It can be pointed or curved, whatever suits your natural lip shape. Next, switch to the bottom lip and draw a straight line in the centre. Once you are happy that it’s level, add a curved line at either side to create a wide U shape. Now it’s time to draw in the corners; start at the outside of your lip and sketch back in towards to centre for neat corners. Everyone’s FAVORITE matte red lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo €18


Robot Body Painting


I had such a fun day body painting for LA College of Creative Arts on the 25th July for the launch of The Dublin Fashion Festival. Me and my team of 4 assistants had to work quicker than ever before to get our 4 models finished in time. What a whirlwind of a day!

photo (3)

Here’s a peak at my creative process for the event. I started by researching some robot images to inspire my design. I instantly thought of Bjork’s music video for “All is Full of Love” which is one of the most powerful music videos of all time. Next, I thought about Maria from the silent movie “Metropolis”. This is such an iconic robot, I saw the film for the first time a few years ago and was awed by all of the makeup! As I googled “robot” I found some rather raunchy airbrush art by japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, what a master of smut!! Finally, I realised how similar Bjork’s robot was to the Storm Troopers from Star Wars, so I threw some of those fellas in the mix for some masculine spirit!

I made some sketches to figure out where I would draw detail and where there would just be blank space. I wanted to accentuate the models’ physiques, make a really effective robot design and also make it simple enough to execute. Once I was happy with the look, I made some more simplified body chart plans. It was such a manic process in the end. My four assistants were super busy applying stencils of the LA College of Creative Arts logo to the models and then painstakingly filling in the gaps with black. They did an AMAZING job, it’s such a tricky thing to pull off so I’m very proud of them. Unfortunately, because the girls were so busy, I was left to do alot of the robot painting on my own. Luckily we got some helping hands in the last hour and were able to finish everything in time for the event launch! Phew!

My assistants were:

Suz Bogan

Jocelyn McCarthy

Karen O’Brien

Jane Carey


Sigma Brushes

… as featured in my monthly makeup column for Xpose Magazine.



Sigma is my new favorite brand for high quality professional brushes at a dramatically lower price. They have all the makeup artist’s favorite styles and shapes and some new innovative products too. Synthetic brushes have come a long way recently and are no longer scratchy and impossible to blend with and it’s Sigma’s synthetic vegan range that are the real star of the show. I use E40 (€10) to apply and blend cream eye shadows as the synthetic hairs control the wet products much better than natural hairs that become flimsy when wet. I also adore the F40 (€13) for contouring with creamy contour products or with darker foundation. The Mr Bunny Set has all the essentials for under €92 and is available from Sigma’s website

How to… Use Cream Blush

… as featured in my monthly makeup column for Xpose Magazine.

Blush Illustration



A little dewy shine on the apples of your cheeks makes you look more awake and youthful and works on any skin type. Dry skin will benefit from the more moisturising formula, combination skins can use a little translucent powder in the centre of their face if they need to and oily skins can use powder over everything to keep it in place.


Fingers work well to blend the product into the skin but brushes can work well too. The most important thing is to use a very small amount at a time. It’s so much easier to add more blush rather than try to take it off. If you do put too much on, use your foundation brush to wipe away some off. Another great reason to use a foundation brush! Remember, your cheek will look quite pink after rubbing the product into the skin so wait until the blood has drained from your cheek again before judging if you have too much blush on.


Placing your blush in the wrong area can drastically alter your facial structure. If the circle is too large or too close to your nose it will make your face look chubby. A neat little circle will give a painted doll effect, lower than your cheekbone will give you an outdoorsy Prince Harry flush and blush on the cheek bone will look very 1980s. The best placement to lift your face and give a healthy glow is on the apples of the cheeks. Smile into the mirror and find the roundest part of your cheek, just below the outer corner of your eye. Apply a really small amount of product and blend outwards to create a circle with soft edges that disappears into the skin. Blush should look like a natural flush that comes from underneath your skin, not paint that sits on top.


I love a bit of creative expression so often the colour you choose will have more to do with your personal taste. However, a good guide for choosing a blush is to look at your own skin tone. If your skin is YELLOW toned, find a blush that has a little yellow in it, ie: peach! Any slightly orange pink will look great on yellow or golden toned skins so if you’re pale go for a light peach, if you have medium toned skin you can opt for coral and darkly tanned skin tones will carry a rich orange beautifully. In the same way, PINK toned skin will look best with a rosey pink with no orange undertone. Pale pink skin tones will look pretty with a light petal pink, medium skin tones should wear classic rose and deeper black skin will look amazing with rich burgundy or plum blush.


My Face Cosmetics – MyMix Foundation

… as featured in my monthly makeup column in Xpose Magazine


Everyone has been asking me what I used on Angela Scanlon to make her so glowingly beautiful when she appeared on The Late Late Show last month. Let me share my secret! Angela’s shimmering flawless skin was thanks to MyMix foundation from My Face Cosmetics, which is absolutely stunning for dry and combination skin types and ideal to perk up dull skin in time for summer. The foundations are separated into Fair (pink toned), Medium (yellow toned) and Medium Dark (darker skin tones) with eyeshadows, blushers and lipsticks to match your skin tone, taking the guess work out of choosing your makeup wardrobe. Loads of my favorite celebrities use it for their red carpet appearances and it’s healthy glow and lasting ability make it utterly shoot proof.

Available from

Angela Scanlon Late Late